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Life is short you got to do whatever you want and having an Akita Inu is what I want.

Since childhood I always had this vague image of dog looked yellowish with standing ears and curled tails. I cannot recall where this dog image came from but it was engraved in my mind as the ideal dog.

Years later, like many others I learnt this breed as the Akita Inu (秋田犬) from the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” and since then to earn an Akita Inu has become a desire of mine.

However the road to earn a health and quality Akita Inu is never an easy task, fortunately thanks to FIRE & MIST through their strict adopter selections and 3 years of waiting for the “perfect” one, finally I got my first Akita: Tobi. During this unforgettable journey of experience, I would like to thank Angelica and Anthony for all the efforts for making this outstanding rare breed available in Sydney Australia it is truly an honour to join the FIRE & MIST family.

These Akitas are not just dogs, they are children to all of us in the FIRE & MIST family. Behind the scene Angelica and Anthony had to go through countless sleepless nights include but not limited to researching, monitor dog behaviour, puppy feeding and toilet training etc. In addition, they consult with adopters like myself by answering my concerns and provide solutions and advices as they always say “we are here to help and happy to help.” The support we get is priceless and I doubt you will get this experience through any other breeders.

A big thank you to Mr Nejal, Angelica’s father with his veterinary expertise for always kindly pass on knowledges to adopters that gave me confidents in Tobi’s wellbeing.

Last but not least, thank you Mr Ito sensei from Japan for been so supportive and teaching all of us the magnificent Akita Inu breed.

If you want an Akita Inu, do not hesitate although it requires dedication, efforts and waiting but after all… it’s definitely worth it!!!!!!

Richard L. NSW

We first started following Fire and Mist more than three years ago when we decided we wanted to adopt a Japanese Akita. We had plenty of time to research all the different breeders, look into their lines and see the puppies they consistently produced each year – needless to say we were definitely impressed!!

Once a litter with white puppies arrived we went through a comprehensive screening process. We found this to be a really important part of the adoption process learning so much about the Japanese Akita and about Anthony and Angelica as well! It also gave us hands on time with puppies and dogs of all ages to ensure this breed was the right fit for us. Since taking Sakura home we have had ongoing training and support with Angelica and Anthony never turning any of our questions away. It is clear that they are so passionate about the breed and ensuring the lines are improved and continued in Australia for generations to come.

They have also established a Fire and Mist community Australia wide where we can share information, pictures and experiences with others and provide another level of peer support. This forum is especially great as overall, there is definitely less accessible information on the Japanese Akita than your regular dog. We have enjoyed every part of our Fire and Mist journey so far, meeting new friends and of course adding to our family. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Danielle C. NSW

I have always loved Japanese Akitas; their loyal nature, intelligence and soulful eyes. I have always dreamed of having an akita as part of my family.

Thankyou so much to Rollie Nejal, Angelica Hartshorn, Anthony Hartshorn and family for making this dream a reality and entrusting us with our beautiful girl Mika. I fell in love with Mika the first time i got to hold Mika as a little puppy. She has made our family complete.

Everyday Mika brings so much joy, happiness and love to us and i could not imagine life without her. Seeing her happy smiling face and having her greet me with so much lobe and excitement when i get home from work always makes my day. Mika always impresses me with her caring, loving nature, she is always so friendly to any visitors i welcome into my home and to any other animals she comes across.

Thankyou to Angelica, Anthony and Rollie for making the whole adopting process such a positive experience. Thankyou for all your advise, helpful information and guidance, you are all wonderful caring people who should be so proud of what you do 🙂 Thankyou for always being so welcoming and approachable, i love knowing that i can always come to you for any advice. Lots of love, Naomi, Shaun, Mika and tha cats :)💟💟💟💟💟

Naomi T. NSW

I was living in Japan for long time but I had no chance to have my own Akita. I love them too too much. It is lucky for us to meet Angelica and Anthony, then Arlette and all of your babies ^^ and after the waiting time, Kyubi becomes our little family’s member at 2017 New Year’s Eve. He brings all happiness to us

Brita N. NSW

After some years of looking for Akita’s in Australia mostly on the Fire and Mist Facebook page and waiting until the right timing in our circumstances, we reached to Fire and Mist Kennels where we were then invited to meet “Anthony and Angelica / The Team” and the dogs.

Initially my partner was hesitant about meeting so many dogs which have a common misconception of being a reserved and aggressive dog, upon meeting “Anthony and Angelica / The Team” in September of 2016 all hesitations disappeared and we got to meet all the dogs in a relaxed and playful environment, their home.

We instantly knew that if we are to get an Akita we would do it through Fire and Mist Kennels as myself and my partner felt that the principles they believe in aligned closely with ours.

Happy Dogs
Healthy Dogs
Great Temperament (both with people and other animals)

So in October 2016 we were lucky enough and grateful to receive our first Pup “Saki” who has been an amazing addition to our family.
The experience of working with people who love the breed and are happy sharing their amazing knowledge has been was so profound that in January 2017 we worked with “Fire and Mist Kennels” and one of their partners “Loyal Shadow” on adopting our second Akita “Ninja”.
We have been really lucky and privileged to work with a family that hold their dogs in the highest regard and are more than happy to help with any issues or questions from anyone, even going out of their way to do so.

Mathew S. NSW

I would like to thank Angelica, Anthony, Cynthia and Rollie for all their support and friendship over the years.

Four years ago they made my house a home and gave my husband and I the opportunity to have our very own Japanese Akita and since then our friendship has grown and so has our pack. 😃

You’re true friends and Im so greatful and honored to call you my family. Thank you for everything you do for my family and for my fur babies. With all your dedication, love and support it really is great to see there still is genuine people in the world.

“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones that accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, be happy and be there to experience everything together”

You welcomed my family as one of your own, thank you so much for everything you do and still continue to do for my family it means so much more than you know ♡♡ Love always Arlette. Xx

Arlette R. NSW

One and a half years ago me and my partner were fortunate enough to be trusted to welcome a new member into our homes. Kenji was introduced into our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Angelica, Anthony, Cynthia and Rollie have been supportive and helpful and constantly there when in need, they have allowed us to be a part of their family and for that we are grateful.

Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do

Jacqui P. VIC

Our journey with the Akita (Japanese) truly began in 2014, after years of dreaming of owning this breed came true when we welcomed Haruki aka ‘Australian Champion FIREANDMIST Winning Ace’ into our home and hearts.

Angelica, Anthony, Rollie and Cynthia have shown us ongoing support and friendship, and welcomed us into their extended Fire And Mist family.

Haruki has grown to become my best friend, and true to the breed she has an unwavering loyalty to our whole family. Haruki has gone on to represent the breed in the South Australian show scene, and has been not only the first brindle Akita (Japanese) to gain the title of Australian Champion, but has been a wonderful ambassador of the breed.

Our love for the breed and the experience of being part of this extended family grew, and in 2016 we welcomed Yukari aka Shinkon No Yukari Go, our second Akita (Japanese) into our lives.
She too fills our lives with love and joy everyday, and is our daughter’s absolute best friend.
Without the hard work, love and dedication of Angelica, Anthony, Rollie and Cynthia we would not have the pleasure of having these two beautiful girls in our lives. Thankyou ! Xoxo Ashtenne, Kieren, Nyobi, Eli and Connor

Ashtenne L. SA

I first met Anthony and Angelica in 2016 after my family went through a trying time due to some medical issues. Angelica was very understanding and spent a lot of time discussing with us whether having the Akita was right for us. We already have a Shiba so we are somewhat familiar with Japanese breeds. I went to their home and met Anthony who it turns out is a friend of a friend of mine, small world.

At their home, I could clearly see that they cared for their dogs. Their property is well maintained and the dogs looked great. There is nothing resembling a puppy farm but a family home where the dogs are treated the same. I was able to meet my next family member, Kitana and her dad who is an impressive male.

We picked Kitana up a few weeks later and were provided with a welcome kit, food, papers, and quite a lot of training and advice. On top of that both have been available to us for questions or general advice anytime we need it. They understand the last six months for us have been a difficult time which we are finally getting past and having Kitana has been great, She is a very healthy and smart dog which my Shiba loves. They have become inseparable.

Anthony and Angelica encouraged us to participate in the dog shows which we have done and have started to enjoy. I saw their family grow immensely with their most recent litter as the adopters have taken up showing the dogs as well. This is to the credit of Anthony and Angelica whose enthusiasm have encouraged the adopters to want to be a part of it even though these dogs will be competing against their own. They provide support, training and overall friendship to everyone and I cannot recommend them enough. But, if you are looking for a dog to be part of your family, the pups Anthony and Angelica and helping to raise are high quality. Kitana is smart, fit and looks like she is going to be very strong. She is very loyal and protective. She is part of our family.

If a Japanese Akita appeals to you, speak to Anthony and Angelica and they will help you along the way.

Wayne P. NSW